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How Much Will My Professional Corporate Video Production Cost?

Pricing up a video is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string! There are so many variables to consider that costs vary dramatically.

You can use this quick Q & A section to get a ball park figure for what your video might cost.  Our base price of £400 includes a single cameraman/director shooting locally for half a day, basic interviews, with the resulting footage edited into a sequence approximately 1 minute long.  Please contact us for an accurate quote.

The quickest way to get an accurate price is to ring us up. We'll go through what you want and work out a cost effective solution tailored to your needs.

Here to Help

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1. What Venue are you going to use?  Venues usually charge  about £200 a day.

You organise the venue

We organise the location + £200 venue fee

Use a professional studio


2. Is the location remote or overseas?  This requires travel and hotels

Local to Bath & Bristol

Overnight required for distant locations



3. Type of crew required.

Basic self directing cameraman

Cameraman and Director

Full crew


4. Do you need music?

No Music

Library music

Specially composed


5. Simple text or complex 3d graphics

Simple text

2D pictures and graphics

3D computer generated graphics


6. Do you need a narrator or presenter?

You supply the talent or just use text / graphics

Professional narrator

Professional presenter


7. Do you need script writing services and concepts


3 minutes of script and a concept

Longer scripts


8.What is the final delivery format

Computer file

Simple DVD with artwork

Complex authored DVD or Blu-Ray


Grand Total  £

Grand Total  £

This  is just a very rough indicator of costs.

For example the following can increase costs -

Do  you have extra artwork, photographs or videos that require copyright payments?

Shooting  dramas with actors can require sets / make up / catering etc

Multiple  shoot days and overnight stays

Specialist  camera work involving tracks, Steadycam, cranes etc.

Difficult  or dangerous locations may cause extra expense.

Popular  music can be very expensive to licence.